Kubernetes Load Testing

Perform reliably in peak load conditions

Leverage real traffic patterns to better understand your app’s breaking point and verify load capacity in a safe environment.

Traffic Replication

Test load with real user data

Today’s fast-paced and complex development cycles need new approaches to load testing to achieve peak Kubernetes performance. With Speedscale, automatically generate load tests with real-world scenarios. Use your application’s actual traffic to measure latency, throughput, saturation, and error rate—quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

More accurate load tests

Verify that your load tests can handle your actual, expected traffic and any increases in traffic, so you aren’t misled by false confidence.

No more manual scripting

Scripting is slow and unrealistic. Capture traffic and multiply it–even replay it in lower environments. Autogenerate load tests from real traffic.

Purpose-built for Kubernetes

All traffic is invoked natively in your Kubernetes cluster so you can factor out external variables while testing.

Service Mocking

Mock internal and external dependencies

Simulate third party systems and internal backends for more reliable, affordable testing. No need to spin up costly, end-to-end environments that take days to deploy.

					"chaos": {
    "badStatusCodes": true,
    "intermittentResponses": true,
Resiliency Testing

Induce chaos

Introduce new variables that put your app’s integrity to the test. Simulate errors, latency, and non-responsive third-party applications—all in an automated fashion.

CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrate with DevOps pipelines

Speedscale works with any CI/CD provider to help you understand your app’s limitations when you make code changes. See how updates impact metrics like peak transactions per second, latency, and autoscaling thresholds.

Data Privacy & Security

Prevent data loss and protect PII

Redact sensitive data and personally-identifiable information (PII) on the fly. Anonymize traffic while keeping data structure intact for more accurate and useful testing.

When it comes to Kubernetes load testing, we know you’ve got options.

Learn the key differences between Speedscale and popular load testing tools on the market, and make an informed decision when it’s time to select the right solution for your business.

Customer Story

Cimpress reduces Black Friday load testing time by 80% with Speedscale

“Speedscale gave us clear insight on the upper load limit of our software. Whereas with K6, it was more binary, like a PASS/FAIL grade. Speedscale took it one step further to help us understand, based on transactions per second, exactly where our breakpoints were. We felt more confident in where our service could be.”

– Jeff Kwan, Principal Software Engineer, Cimpress

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