API Observability

Shine a spotlight on your API-driven applications

Use traffic replay to illuminate what’s going on in your apps so you can troubleshoot with high fidelity, debug with less headache, and quickly uncover blindspots and unusual behavior.

Take observability to the next level

Traditional observability solutions tell you when and where a problem might be occurring in your API. But only Speedscale can tell you why it happened. Augment your observability efforts with direct payload visibility provided by Speedscale, and get to the root cause of the issue faster and with a higher degree of certainty.

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Troubleshoot faster, with more confidence

Diagnose the root cause of the issue faster by inspecting individual transaction details, like message payload, headers, cookies—even Kubernetes namespaces and pod names.

Uncover critical blindspots

Real users may use your app in unexpected ways, which can create blindspots and unforeseen issues in the user experience. Only Speedscale can show you exactly what they do (not just the API endpoint they hit) so you can detect unusual behavior and fix performance issues quickly.

Understand your dependencies

Speedscale automatically detects inbound and outbound transactions running through your APIs. Get a real-time view of internal and third party dependencies for faster, more iterative testing cycles.

Save on cloud costs

Monitor non-prod environments at a fraction of the cost of using traditional tools.


Get your whole team up-to-speed

Generate a real-time map of your backend dependencies so everyone on the team can quickly and independently learn how your app works. Ditch the manual spreadsheets and diagrams documenting these dependencies and save your senior engineers’ precious time from having to explain all the intricacies.

Real-life mishaps detected with Speedscale Traffic Viewer

A national home improvement retailer found a bug in their staging environment that was repeatedly “health checking” an API hundreds of times per second. Had it been deployed to production, the bug would have likely caused an outage or massively slowed down the user experience.

A fast food restaurant chain saved several thousand dollars on cloud costs by identifying and fixing five-year-old code that had been polling an API 8 times per second.

A large retailer pinpointed a major reordering issue that kept dropping requests—despite all systems sending normal health signals to their load balancer. After two months of chasing this issue, they finally installed Speedscale and discovered within two hours that one of their pods was crashing, leading to the inventory slip-up.

A mobile phone provider noticed that one of their test environments was connected to a production database. Had they not discovered this with Speedscale, they could’ve inadvertently corrupted their customer data or worse, exposed sensitive information, breaking GDPR and privacy laws.

See what’s under the hood

Drill down into individual transaction details, like message payload, headers, cookies, Kubernetes namespaces and pod names.

Replay observed traffic in your test environments

Validate your apps against actual, observed traffic so you can see how your changes respond in the exact same conditions.

Data Privacy & Security

Prevent data loss and protect PII

Redact sensitive data and personally-identifiable information (PII) on the fly. Anonymize traffic while keeping data structure intact for more accurate and useful testing.

Cimpress Case Study Thumbnail
Customer Story

Cimpress finds hidden issues in their app, thanks to Speedscale

“In one instance, I noticed that there was a small amount of traffic that had been causing some failures in our system. It was only happening 3% of the time, but it was still somehow critical to how it all worked. So, I went in and fixed it, but I wouldn’t have found that issue had I not seen it in Speedscale.”

– Jeff Kwan, Principal Software Engineer, Cimpress

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