Speedscale has flexible pricing that adjusts to your needs and organization size.


0 - 50 GB / mo


per GB

Record & replay Kubernetes traffic with auto generated tests, mocks, and CI integration.


0 - 150 GB / mo

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Customizable traffic replay with a visual, web-based interface. Browse & choose traffic and auto discover dependencies.



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Everything in Pro, plus PII data redaction, multiple load generators, SSO, and single tenant data isolation.

Plan Features

Data Limit
0-50 GB / mo
0-150 GB / mo
HTTP/s support
Prod traffic generator
API transaction browser
Multiply / Ramp / Loop traffic
Automated CI integration
Service virtualization / Mocking
Authentication record / replay
Performance / Regression reports
Dataset augmentation
Service map
Business day
Dedicated Slack
Chaos mocks (latency, errors, black holes)
Additional protocol support
Sensitive data redaction
Multiple load generators
Single sign-on
Customer-managed encryption keys
Tenant data isolation

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Use our ROI Calculator to see how your business can achieve substantial savings and gains across four major categories: cloud environment costs, developer productivity, testing costs, and troubleshooting costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! You can request a free trial and also play with an interactive demo.

Yes! Speedscale has an established Security Program, is SOC2 certified and independently audited. All traffic is encrypted during transit and at rest. Code and images are continuously scanned for vulnerabilities. The Enterprise version can be configured with data isolation. Check out our security page for more details.

API Observability refers to the capability of our Traffic Viewer, which you can read more about here.

No problem! Overages are calculated on a per GB basis and stated in the monthly agreement so there are no surprises. Users can see real-time usage within the dashboard.