Prepare your SaaS
for scale

Maintain system uptime and availability as your business grows. Use real-world traffic scenarios to validate app performance and spot problems before the release.

Don’t let testing slow you down

Engineering teams at growing SaaS businesses are often faced with more complexity, higher operating costs, and pressure to increase development velocity. Get ahead of it all with Speedscale. Autogenerate tests and mocks to eliminate manual scripting and use real traffic to ship new code quickly and confidently.

Maintain stability
& uptime

Gain confidence that new code changes won’t negatively impact customers. Test load and and debug issues before they occur in production to protect the customer experience.

Reduce cloud

Simulate end-to-end systems at a fraction of the cost and identify new opportunities to save money by observing API traffic.

Increase developer productivity

Get started with little operational overhead and bypass complex, homegrown frameworks to iterate quickly and ship more app improvements and new features faster.

Load Testing

SaaS: Know your limits and breakpoints

See how your app holds up against high volumes of inbound traffic. Speedscale not only shows you latency and throughput metrics, but also CPU and memory—so you know exactly what your app’s maximum capacity is.

Service Mocking

Mock internal and external dependencies

Simulate third party systems and internal backends for more reliable, affordable testing. No need to spin up costly, end-to-end environments that take days to deploy.

Legacy Software Migration

De-risk new digital initiatives

Seamlessly migrate off legacy architecture without disrupting the customer experience. Record and replay API gateway and ingress traffic against your new platform to quickly find out if it performs the same way.

API Observability

Quickly examine and pinpoint problems

Drill down into specific subsets of traffic and view the exact details of each call, including message payloads, headers, cookies, authentication tokens, and more.

How it works


Speedscale captures your app’s traffic via Sidecar, Postman collections or JSON files.


Identify service use patterns and mask sensitive data.


Continuously replay scenarios as part of the CI pipeline.

Data Privacy & Security

Prevent data loss and protect PII

Redact sensitive data and personally-identifiable information (PII) on the fly. Anonymize traffic while keeping data structure intact for more accurate and useful testing.

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“Just on the first run of a regression traffic replay we found a defect in how our APIs were returning IDs. Although it was not affecting user experience yet, it was indeed a problem that needed to be addressed. That demonstrated how quick to value the use of Speedscale could be.”

Learn how it works

Simulate production conditions, gain confidence in optimizations,
and elevate performance.