Service Virtualization

Get realistic responses from 3rd party APIs with less time & effort

Forgo staging environments and API rate limits for more scalable, cost-efficient testing. Simulate critical integrations to get a 360-degree view of how your app will behave in production.

Self-service backends when you need them

More likely than not, your software is integrated with a bevy of other APIs—shipping, payment, messaging, and more.
With Speedscale, auto-generate sophisticated mocks of third party and internal APIs, modeled after real traffic.

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When there aren’t enough sandbox instances to go around…

Use Speedscale to simulate your 

We don’t create, update, or delete any records in your backend—
we just return the response so your app thinks it’s calling the real thing.

Resiliency Testing

Simulate chaos

Engineers know to expect the unexpected. Configure mocks to understand how your app handles unforeseen issues, like latencies and 404s.

					"chaos": {
    "badStatusCodes": true,
    "intermittentResponses": true,
Load Testing

Scalably test load

Simulate third party systems and internal backends for more reliable, affordable testing. No need to spin up costly, end-to-end environments that take days to deploy.

Save on cloud costs

Service virtualization saves time, money, and resources. By simulating third party endpoints, you no longer need to spin up large, complex end-to-end environments seeded with terabytes of data.

Purpose-built for Kubernetes

Our mocks run as a pod alongside your app and serve like ephemeral preview environments—with your actual data.


Prevent data loss and protect PII

Redact sensitive data and personally-identifiable information (PII) on the fly. Anonymize traffic while keeping data structure intact for more accurate and useful testing.


We integrate with popular third party applications

Cimpress Case Study Thumbnail
Customer Story

Cimpress reduces Black Friday load testing time by 80% with Speedscale

“Speedscale gave us clear insight on the upper load limit of our software. Whereas with K6, it was more binary, like a PASS/FAIL grade. Speedscale took it one step further to help us understand, based on transactions per second, exactly where our breakpoints were. We felt more confident in where our service could be.”

– Jeff Kwan, Principal Software Engineer, Cimpress

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