Help your team do more with less by connecting Speedscale to the rest of your stack. Browse our technology integrations below. Don’t see one you need? Contact us and let us know.

AWS Logo
EKS and AWS service support details
Automatically run traffic replay load and regression tests as part of every PR
Datadog Partner Network Logo
Import traffic replay reports into Datadog
GitHub Actions template
Example deployment and YAMLs for GitLab CICD integration
Google Cloud Partner Logo
GKE Operator support and Autopilot details
Traffic export to Grafana K6 Format
Traffic capture via Istio’s Webassembly Plugin
Example Jenkinsfile and scripts for Jenkins integration
New Relic Logo
View Traffic Replay performance in New Relic One dashboard
ASC Korea transparent logo - Speedscale API Testing
OSC Korea an official partner
Postman Logo
Auto-Generate Postman Collections from Traffic
Capture and replay API traffic for apps running on RedHat OpenShift
Leverage Rancher Desktop to locally capture and replay traffic
Texas AI logo
Texas AI is an official India Partner