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Dive into Chick-fil-a’s Kubernetes gitops at scale as they present at Kubecon. They describe the problems and how they’ve overcome them.

“With the exponential increase of microservices and capability focused development, a platform like Speedscale is the only way to certify and confidently deploy these features to our customers at scale and speed.”

Sree Sreedhararaj


“Just on the first run of a regression traffic replay we found a defect in how our APIs were returning IDs. Although it was not affecting user experience yet, it was indeed a problem that needed to be addressed. That demonstrated how quick to value the use of SpeedScale could be.”

Peter Kreslins

Founder & CTO

“Speedscale is a game changing capability that enables large architectural upgrades with quality. Traffic replay is high coverage and fast.”

David Ting


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