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Case Study: Nylas

Nylas earns the trust of customers by improving API performance 30x

Case Study: ContainIQ

ContainIQ gains API visibility and finds defects faster with Speedscale

Case Study: Digibee

Digibee achieves developer velocity by leveraging traffic-based service mocks

Whitepaper: Traffic replay from the future

Forecast latency, throughput and headroom before every deploy.

Whitepaper: Testing Apps for Kubernetes Environments

Fundamental Flaws and Potential Fixes.

Technical Datasheet

Speedscale Traffic Replay

Executive Datasheet

Speedscale Continuous Resiliency


Load testing is a great way to verify the stability and scalability of your application by generating load towards it. Imagine ...
In this article, you’ll learn about the best Kubernetes performance monitoring tools that are currently on the market. Although...
Today’s software testing trends show the growing demand for more efficient and automation-oriented API testing. Many of the cur...
Thorough testing of both functional and non-functional aspects of an application has become an essential step in the software d...
In today’s fast-paced agile environments, API mocking is an essential tool for simulating the responses of dependencies for dev...
Test automation automates the creation, execution, and analysis of test cases. Effective automation helps teams test and develo...

Speedscale in the Media

App Developer Magazine
June 2, 2022: Kubernetes performance benchmarking from Speedscale

June 2, 2022Avoid Testing in Production with Synthesized and Speedscale

May 23, 2022
: Highlights from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022

April 26, 2022‘Cash Is King’ As VC Spigot Slows

In Her Sight
March 30, 2022: 14 Companies with Effective Remote Work Cultures

March 29, 2022Speedscale’s Traffic Replay Helps Developers See And Solve Problems Ahead of Release

SMC Journal
March 1, 2022Performance Test Kubernetes WITHOUT Script Automation?

New Relic
January 18, 2022: Combine load testing and observability with Speedscale and New Relic One

Digital Anarchist
January 18, 2022: Microservices-Based Applications – Matt LeRay, Speedscale

January 6, 2022: Keep your API running with Speedscale and New Relic

VM Blog
January 4, 2022: VMblog 2022 Industry Experts Video Predictions

New Relic
December 31, 2021: Speedscale is Officially a New Relic Partner

December 16, 2021: Speedscale Makes Free API Observability Tool Available

VM Blog
December 16, 2021: Speedscale Makes Free API Observability Tool Available

OSC Korea
December 15, 2021: Speedscale is Officially an OSC Korea Partner

December 12, 2021: How to Pinpoint and Fix Distributed Problems Across Microservices

Digital Anarchist
November 16, 2021: Microservices-Based Applications – Matt LeRay, Speedscale

QA Insights
August 31, 2021: Introduction to Speedscale

August 25, 2021: Speedscale – K8s & API auto-testing for rapid iteration

Yahoo Finance
August 10, 2021: Speedscale Announces Traffic Viewer for API Visibility in Kubernetes Clusters

Dale Frohman
June 6, 2021: Should We Test in Production?

Atlanta Inno
June 4, 2021: Atlanta Inno’s 2021 Fire Awards

June 2, 2021: Speedscale Receives Digital Innovator Award

Atlanta Startup Podcast
May 17, 2021: Automating Production with Ken Ahrens of Speedscale

May 11, 2021: Early DEI Adopter: Meet Speedscale

Software Engineering Daily
April 23, 2021: Speedscale: Automated Testing with Ken Ahrens and Matt LeRay

Silicon Angle
April 16, 2021: If you can’t ‘shift-left’ any further, try ‘shift-right’ software deployment practices

March 23, 2021: Backed by VCs in Atlanta and Silicon Valley, Speedscale is growing its customer-focused test automation platform

The Tech Trek
February 2, 2021: David Ting, VP of Eng, Nylas – Work fast and iterate very quickly

Sierra Ventures
October 19, 2020: Why Sierra Ventures Invested

October 16, 2020: Atlanta-based Speedscale now has $2.2 million more to grow its API test automation business

Tyler Jewell – Dell Technology Ventures
September 23, 2020: The Developer-led Landscape – “Starting in 2009, I began tracking each company whose products were sold to, purchase-influenced by, or consumed by software developers…”

Hacker News
August 6, 2020: Y-Combinator S20 Speedscale launch!