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Build resilient, performant Kubernetes apps

Validate the performance and quality of your apps with real-world traffic scenarios. Preview code performance, quickly spot problems, and rest assured your app runs optimally when it’s time to release.

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Simulate peak
traffic conditions

Mimic real-life scenarios, test load, and create intelligent simulations of third party and internal backend systems to better prepare for production.

Save on
cloud costs

No need to spin up costly new environments each time you test. Built-in autoscaling drives your cloud costs down even further.

release velocity

Bypass complex, homegrown frameworks and manual test scripts so you can ship more code, faster.

Load Testing

Ensure reliability in peak traffic

Be confident that new code changes can handle high traffic scenarios. Prevent major outages, meet SLAs, and protect the customer experience.

Service Mocking

Mock internal and external dependencies

Simulate third party systems and internal backends for more reliable, affordable testing. No need to spin up costly, end-to-end environments that take days to deploy.

Legacy Software Migration

De-risk new digital initiatives

Seamlessly migrate off legacy architecture without disrupting the customer experience. Record and replay API gateway and ingress traffic against your new platform to quickly find out if it performs the same way.

API Observability

Quickly examine and pinpoint problems

Drill down into specific subsets of traffic and view the exact details of each call, including message payloads, headers, cookies, authentication tokens, and more.

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“Speedscale gave us clear insight on the upper load limit of our software. Whereas with K6, it was more binary, like a PASS/FAIL grade. Speedscale took it one step further to help us understand, based on transactions per second, exactly where our breakpoints were. We felt more confident in where our service could be.”

How it works


Speedscale captures your app’s traffic via Sidecar, Postman collections or JSON files.


Identify service use patterns and mask sensitive data.


Continuously replay scenarios as part of the CI pipeline.

You're in good hands

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Get up to speed

Check out these resources to learn why production traffic replication and replay are becoming the go-to standard in software testing.

Run replays in less than 15 minutes