Stress test your APIs with real world scenarios.

Collect and replay traffic without scripting.
Simulate load and chaos. Measure performance.

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Play around with Speedscale

Speedscale allows you to quickly replay past traffic and increase confidence in your changes as part of CI.  Autogenerate mocks that represent 3rd parties and dependencies based on real traffic in seconds.

Isolate API changes and ensure parity.  Measure TPS, Latency, CPU and Memory.  Speedscale is a traffic replay framework for API testing in Kubernetes.

Auto-Generated Tests

Writing scripts is manual and time-intensive. Use realistic API traffic as your test suite instead. Speedscale automatically modifies critical data elements in each transaction to ensure traffic can be properly replayed.

Designed for Kubernetes

As your app grows, Kubernetes complexity grows too. Test with a purpose-built solution.

					speedctl deploy operator | kubectl apply -f -

Service Mocking

Use mocks to eliminate external dependencies. Cut down on flaky tests with stable, repeatable environments.

Speedscale responder technology understands the exact API call and the correct response to reply with, including dynamic elements.

Using Speedscale, Nylas was able to improve account synchronization performance by 30x in just a few months.

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Understand what changed before you deploy

When making changes to the APIs in your application, how do you know you won’t add latency?  Can you ensure you didn’t change schemas and break contracts? Speedscale automatically generates assertions to compare previously collected traffic against updated behavior, and brings any differences to your attention.

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Stress test your APIs with real world scenarios.  Collect and replay traffic without scripting.

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