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Speedscale Google Cloud Partner

Speedscale is delighted to join the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as a technology partner giving GCP customers the ability to stress test their GKE clusters under production-like workload conditions.

Speedscale provides a traffic replay framework that enables load and performance validation of APIs in Kubernetes with real world scenarios. As adoption of K8S and Google Autopilot continues to increase, engineering and DevOps teams can use Speedscale to benchmark improvements, experiment rapidly with different architectures, and measure the golden signals of latency, throughput, saturation and errors. Traffic replay is an essential process for sanity testing applications after a large migration, modernization, or rewrite to consolidate APIs.  Kubernetes companies often use Speedscale to run production conditions through their systems without the inherent risk of testing in production.

Speedscale integrates with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to allow for traffic capture and replay. Simply install the Speedscale Operator in a GKE cluster.

GKE customers are already benefitting from the Speedscale – GKE integration with results including:

Read about Nylas’ success using Speedscale in a GKE environment, and start your own performance experiments today!

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