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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America is just around the corner. I’ve been looking forward to this event for a long time, especially since 2020 was virtual and it looks like there will be an in person option this year. This should be a great event and there are going to be a ton of awesome sessions. Last year was simply enormous with over 15K attendees who joined virtually.

Monday: EnvoyCon

There are additional events on Monday and Tuesday before the big KubeCon event, and we decided to sign up for EnvoyCon. There are a lot of networking related talks for the day but a few jumped out at me:

  • VMWare is going to show how to configure TLS for egress (outbound) calls from the cluster. This is something I’ve played with myself and interested to see their proof of concept.
  • Google is not content with most of the web moving to http2, they want to talk about HTTP/3, should be a good session.
  • Tetrate is going to host a talk about WASM, we blogged about our Web Assembly Module recently as well.

Tuesday: GitOpsCon

We are looking forward to joining folks at GitOpsCon on Tuesday where everyone will hopefully show off their pipelines. With folks automating as much of their CI/CD workload as possible, there should be some really compelling sessions. A few that I’m especially looking forward to include:

  • CERN has a huge deployment and they are going to share how they approach multi-cloud.
  • Chick-fil-A is going to present how to improve developer experience. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in Christopher Lane and Alex Crane from Atlanta.
  • Weaveworks will host a Comedy Game show, although everyone knows that git isn’t always funny.

Wednesday to Friday: KubeCon

After the warm up events we get to the main show. They are trying to jam in so much content that there are literally 21 keynotes spread across the 3 days. That’s a lot of keynotes. However there are plenty of hidden gems you can find, and here are a couple in particular I’d like to attend (outside of the keynotes of course):

  • Who Killed My Pod? (by Nearmap) I’ve asked that question so many times, interested to go to this session and learn a new debug workflow.
  • Testing Kubernetes Clusters (by Skyskanner) With all the moving parts in K8S it can be hard to test just the cluster itself.
  • Effortless Profiling (by Verizon) Hooking up a profiler into a running pod can be a pain.
  • Fine Tuning Resources for Latency Sensitive Workloads (by Intel and RedHat) Because there are never enough knobs.
  • Data Science for Infrastructure (by New Relic) Need to see what they are up to after the Pixie acquisition.

How to find us

We’ll be wearing either a Speedscale shirt or one of these silly shirts we’re giving away as well. If you want to make sure we meet up please drop us a note!

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