A Kubernetes Test Tool

Stop relying on UI tests to find Kubernetes bugs

API Asset - Speedscale API Testing

Kubernetes Operator for Test Automation

Speedscale’s Kubernetes Operator seamlessly handles test orchestration and teardown whenever you need it. Let us run production-style workloads through your latest build and tell you how it fares.

Load testing for Kubernetes

Scripting is slow with K6, Locust, JMeter, or Gatling. Preview how your app will behave under production load quickly using Speedscale. Spin up necessary backends with our autogenerated mocks in seconds. Run isolated performance tests and tune rapidly.

Sanitized traffic-based tests

Speedscale can accept traffic from a variety of sources. Upload logs, transaction history, pcaps, or let us listen through our sidecar or Istio. 

Then let Speedscale generate tests and mocks in seconds.

Gitops and Minikube Testing

Traffic “Snapshots” can run as part of your Gitops workflow. Simulate production conditions and load locally in Minikube. Gain confidence before you deploy.

Kubernetes chaos testing

Sophisticated Speedscale logic is used to build realistic mocks, based on actual traffic. Leverage kubernetes to instantly provision 3rd party mocks — simulate latency, 404s, 500s, and test your resiliency.

					apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: payment
    test.speedscale.com/scenarioid: f5e65f48-cd22-4fcd-b35f-ca45d9638cfb
    test.speedscale.com/testconfigid: standard
    test.speedscale.com/cleanup: "true"
    sidecar.speedscale.com/inject: "true"

Load Test your Kubernetes scaling and routing rules

Need a performance test? Let our Kubernetes operator provision multiple copies of traffic for load.

Change a config file and seamlessly change the validations to an integration or regression test.

Play Around With Speedscale

speedscale traffic viewer

Speedscale allows you to quickly replay past traffic and increase confidence in your changes as part of CI.  Autogenerate mocks that represent 3rd parties and dependencies based on real traffic in seconds.

Speedscale is a traffic replay framework for API testing in Kubernetes.

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