Made for Kubernetes

Stop relying on UI tests to find Kubernetes bugs.
					speedctl deploy operator | kubectl apply -f -

Speedscale’s Kubernetes Operator seamlessly handles test
orchestration and teardown whenever you need it.

Let us run production-style workloads through
your latest build and tell you how it fares.

Kubernetes sidecars let us listen and automatically generate tests and mocks from traffic.

Use Istio? We have an extension for that.

Need a performance test? Let our Kubernetes operator provision multiple copies of traffic for load.

Change a config file and seamlessly transition from an integration test to load test.

Automatically detect and mock backends you need, based on real traffic.

Stand up realistic service mocks with YAML files and avoid end-to-end environment wait times.


Stress test your APIs with real world scenarios.  Collect and replay traffic without scripting.

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