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For the first time, Kubernetes engineering teams interested in learning more about Speedscale will be able to play with the framework without registering, at play.speedscale.com.

Engineers can see firsthand how you:

  • use the Traffic Viewer to decrypt TLS traffic and drill down into observed API transactions, view message payloads, headers and more
  • cURL observed messages for fast debugging and RCA in Kubernetes environments
  • automatically detect and map dependencies that your API needs
  • auto-generate tests and mocks based on observed traffic
  • routinely replay production-style traffic against builds to catch breaking changes
  • multiply and accelerate traffic for more complete load tests
  • configure mocks to replay traffic with latency and errors to simulate 3rd party outages

While users won’t be able to actively watch replays run, there are a variety of pre-created traffic snapshots, reports and configs to browse.  Engineers will be able to experience the ease with which snapshots are generated for fast, scalable test automation.

Check out play.speedscale.com today!

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