We're Speedscale

We built our company and product on the premise that successful cloud-native
application delivery can only happen in predictable software-defined environments.

Ken Ahrens

Much of Ken’s career has been focused on helping companies develop and manage complex web applications. He previously ran North America teams for New Relic and CA/Broadcom. Previous startups included Pentaho (acquired by Hitachi), ITKO (acquired by CA/Broadcom) and ILC (acquired by General Dynamics). His first foray into programming started with a brand new language called Java at Georgia Tech and has grown into a lifetime interest.


Matt LeRay

Matthew LeRay has invested the past 20 years improving the performance of applications across multiple generations of technology. Previously, he was head of product at Observe, SVP at CA Technologies (acquired by Broadcom) and engineering leader at ILC (acquired by General Dynamics). He is an alumnus of Georgia Tech in both Computer Engineering and Business. His first love is debugging golang code but he occasionally takes a break to craft hand carved guitars.


Nate Lee

Nate has served a variety of roles within the software industry. Most recently, he was in enterprise sales for the digital transformation consultancy Contino (acquired by Cognizant). Prior to Contino, he served as Product Manager at CA Technologies, by way of iTKO where he was a Presales Engineer for 6 years. Before iTKO, he spent time as a support leader at IBM Internet Security Systems, and engineer at ILC (acquired by General Dynamics). He graduated Georgia Tech with an MBA in Technology, and BS in Computer Science.  You’ll most likely find him outdoors on 2 wheels when he’s not innovating with his Speedscale buddies.


Kush Mansingh

Kush has been in the startup space for his entire career starting from his intern days. He has worked in all parts of the tech stack throughout his career while also acquiring a Masters in Machine Learning from Georgia Tech. There hasn’t been a day in his life in many years that did not involve playing or watching soccer.

Josh Thornton

Josh’s background comes from a wide range of roles from entrepreneurship and startups to large enterprises like VMware, Home Depot, and GE. He is a jack-of-all trades engineer that enjoys tinkering and building. On the weekend you’ll usually find him on his mountain bike or crafting in the wood shop.

Shaun Duncan

Shaun is a software engineer with a passion for developing elegant solutions to challenging problems. He has spent his career building backend systems for a wide variety of applications including media distribution and telephony, but he is particularly fond of creating things that improve how people get work done. Prior to joining Speedscale, he worked as both an engineering leader and individual contributor at another Atlanta-area startup, Pindrop. Shaun is a Georgia Tech alum with a BS in Computer Science. You will most likely find him in front of a terminal window writing code in his editor of choice, Vim, but it’s not uncommon to find him looking for an excuse to dig through packet captures in Wireshark. In the rare moments when Shaun is not at his computer, he loves cooking and watching college football.