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Today’s open source platforms look a lot different than they were years ago. Early in my career open source was all about Linux. You could breathe new life into old hardware by installing Linux and spending the weekend tuning all the drivers. In the last 5 years open source has grown tremendously, and perhaps none faster than CNCF (part of Linux Foundation). I really wanted us at Speedscale to support the Kubernetes ecosystem because I believe in the promises:

  • Reducing vendor lock-in
  • Improved scalability
  • Increased agility and maintainability
  • Application resiliency
  • Better resource utilization

Obviously I wasn’t the only one who was enamored with Kubernetes (from CNCF Presentation):

Having worked in the monitoring and observability space for many years, I saw firsthand how many people were having challenges with Kubernetes workloads once they got to production. There are an endless number of reasons why applications fail, and Kubernetes introduces new types of failure modes. Thankfully there is a huge landscape of companion technology to help with this problem. Here is a screenshot of the Cloud Native Landscape:

CNCF Landscape

However, despite the 1400+ projects in the cloud native landscape, there are only 4 CNCF sponsored projects related to CI/CD. Critically this is STEP 2 of their 10-step trail map, and something you are bound to run into early! 

  1. Containerization
  2. CI / CD
  3. Orchestration
  4. Observability
  5. Service Proxy
  6. Networking
  7. Distributed Database
  8. Streaming
  9. Container Registry
  10. Software Distribution

These projects are incredibly promising and each of them provides a unique way to get workloads running in your cluster.


I believe this is an area where Speedscale can help. Getting started with Kubernetes can be challenging due to the double-edge complexity of learning deployments, pods, services (and yaml) as well as the nuances of your applications. Regardless of where you are in your Kubernetes journey, Speedscale can help improve the quality phase of your CI/CD pipeline with more realistic conditions. If you are interested, don’t be shy, drop me an email.

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