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Adoption of service meshes like Istio is increasing. As a result, Speedscale has developed a webassembly plugin.  We extended Envoy using Rust, and no changes are required to your Istio configuration.  This allows us to leverage the same sidecars that you have deployed throughout your environment to inspect API traffic.

Istio architecture

Once we are listening through Istio, the typical Speedscale magic can take place.  We can use the data to build integration/performance test suites and autogenerate service mocks.  Enterprises are beginning to use Istio to handle mutual TLS and routing. The added utility of Speedscale’s Kubernetes testing is then a major, easy value-add.

API observability

Istio is an integral part of our Kubernetes architecture. At Tracfone we use it for security and efficient routing. As we look to Speedscale to help us with testing, having this integration will accelerate the rollout tremendously.

Kartik Rallapalli, AVP, Principal Enterprise Architect

What’s more, early adopters of Istio are curious about the overhead and performance implications of Istio. Speedscale is a purpose built solution for testing and tuning Istio and other Kubernetes-related configurations.

Kubernetes Load Test

If you would like early access to the Istio integration please drop us a line or schedule a meeting!

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