Before you go to production,
run the projection.

Continuous Resiliency from Speedscale gives you the power of a virtual SRE-bot working inside your automated software release pipeline. Forecast the real-world conditions of every build, and know you’ll hit your SLO’s before you go to production.

Cloud-native resiliency is hard.

Thousands of agile releases in ephemeral cloud infrastructures will quickly outstrip the scale of your test automation. And flipping feature flags and canary deployments is fine for Netflix or Google, with extra SREs on call to roll back or fight any resulting production fires.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the rest of us could deliver cloud-native applications at web-scale speeds, and already know they would work as expected in deployment?

Weather-condition your services. No coding.

When you send a container image, Kubernetes pod or API service call through Speedscale, we capture its upstream and downstream dependencies and data, and pound it with sunny and rainy-day recorded scenarios. No tests to code, no canaries to roll. Just sit back and watch how it will function in production, without risk.


Successful cloud-native application delivery can only happen in predictable software-defined environments.

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