Speedscale CLI

Instant API observability
tls + logging + postman + cURL in one easy tool

speedscale is a free container-centric, capture and replay CLI tool created by Speedscale

speedscale wraps your running application, capturing all inbound and outbound traffic while in use. View all calls going into and out of your application in a slick terminal UI. View high level details for various protocols including gRPC, Postgres and others.

					curl -sL https://downloads.speedscale.com/speedscale-cli/install | sh

gRPC Introspection

Our ascii traffic viewer allows you to observe and inspect gRPC APIs to understand your application and troubleshoot quickly.

Inspect Message Headers and Bodies

Gain visibility into what your API does at runtime. Troubleshoot in context and fix potential issues before you deploy.

Copy as cURL

Copy individual requests without ever leaving your terminal.

Map Your Dependencies

Automatically detect and map your outbound calls so you understand your downstream dependencies and how you call them.

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