SpeedChat: Shift-Left vs. Shift-Right Throwdown

Speedscale ‘SpeedChat’ Episode 2: Shift-Left vs. Shift-Right Throwdown featuring Nate Lee (Founder, Speedscale), Ken Ahrens (Founder, Speedscale) and Jason English (Principal Analyst, Intellyx). Show Links

SpeedChat: Product Management and Eating Dog Food

Speedscale ‘SpeedChat’ Episode 1: Discussing software product management, ‘dogfooding’ and scaling quickly for product/market fit without breaking things. Show Links Listen or download the podcast

Check out the 3-minute intro

Check out our new 3-minute intro video, the first release on our Youtube Channel. Modern apps are bombarded by intense forces Finding defects early is

Speedscale Introduction

Welcome to Speedscale: More Releases, Fewer Incidents


Successful cloud-native application delivery can only happen in predictable software-defined environments.

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