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How to Mock APIs in Kubernetes

Mock APIs in Kubernetes are used to simulate actual API requests. This is useful for detecting issues early in development, improving application performance, speeding up

k6 vs speedscale

Kubernetes Load Testing Comparison: Speedscale vs ...

In this article, you’ll be introduced to two different load testing tools that are both able to work with Kubernetes; Speedscale and K6. Throughout this


Datadog & Speedscale: Improve Kubernetes App ...

Introduction By combining traffic replay capabilities from Speedscale with observability from Datadog, SRE Teams can deploy with confidence. It makes sense to centralize your monitoring

kubernetes load testing

Kubernetes Load Testing Comparison: Speedscale vs ...

There are lot of steps that are involved in creating an application in Kubernetes. First, you need to develop your container, get it through QA,

docker arm images

How to Build Multi-Arch Docker Images

With ARM based dev machines and servers becoming more common, it is become increasingly important to build Docker images that support multiple architectures. This guide


How to Avoid Getting Your Pod OOMKilled

In this blog, understand why your pod has OOMKilled errors when provisioning Kubernetes resources and how Speedscale can aid with automated testing.  When creating production-level

Speedscale logo

Speedscale Traffic Replay is now v1.0

Nate Lee here, and I’m one of the founders of Speedscale. The founding team’s worked at several observability and testing companies like New Relic, Observe

API Observability using open source

Using Open Source for API Observability

API Observability isn’t exactly new, however it’s popularity has seen rapid growth in the past few years in terms of popularity. API Observability using open

local kubernetes

Local Kubernetes Environments: Part 2

If you missed it, check out our original overview of Local Kubernetes Development environments here. Kubernetes shouldn’t be reserved for production. Using local Kubernetes in

kubernetes vs docker

Kubernetes vs Docker: Key Differences

It’s impossible to learn about containerization without hearing about Docker and Kubernetes. These two tools together dominate the world of containers, both being the de-facto

test microservices in kubernetes

How to Test Microservices in Kubernetes

In this article, you will learn about some of the tools to test microservices running in a Kubernetes cluster. In particular, we will compare the

load test kubernetes

How to Load Test Kubernetes

Performance tests, end-to-end tests, integration tests. There are many different types of tests you can run on your infrastructure. One of the most overlooked kinds

kubernetes monitoring

The Best Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

In this article, you’ll learn about the best Kubernetes performance monitoring tools that are currently on the market. Although there are a number of application

laptop image

Load test WordPress + nginx on Kubernetes

Why this combination you ask? Load testing is my passion, and I am partial to Kubernetes. I challenged myself to share a use case that

skaffold image

Getting Started with Skaffold for Kubernetes Deplo...

Kubernetes has experienced rapid growth over the years, with a recent post from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation reporting a userbase increase of about 67%

new relic -- Speedscale API Testing

Speedscale Partners with New Relic

Speedscale Teams Up with New Relic Instant Observability Atlanta– December 30, 2021 – Speedscale announced a new partnership with New Relic as part of New

cloud testing - Speedscale API Testing

Cloud Testing at Facebook

At Speedscale, we are on the cutting edge of defining autonomous testing for the cloud era.  However, we aren’t the only company trying to solve

Chick-fil-a kubernetes gitops - Speedscale API Testing

Kubernetes GitOps at Scale from Chick-fil-A

Matt and I are out in Los Angeles this week for KubeCon 2021 this week. At the GitOpsCon event Tuesday we were excited to attend