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traffic replication

The Role of Kubernetes in Production Traffic Repli...

Organizations are starting to realize that simply writing tests to generate traffic is simply not good enough. Rather, production traffic replication is now necessary, where

load testing

Optimizing Your Kubernetes Load Tests with Speedsc...

One of the major factors that come into play when deciding on a load testing tool is whether it can perform as you expect it

how to create k6 load tests

How to Create K6 Load Tests from API Recordings

How to Create K6 Load Tests from API Recordings Load testing is one of the most common ways to test the resiliency of your applications.


GoReplay vs. Speedscale: Kubernetes Load Test Comp...

These days, there are many different types of test you can run to safeguard the performance of your services. Unit tests, end-to-end testing, and of


Kubernetes Load Testing: Speedscale vs NeoLoad

In this article, you’ll be introduced to two tools: Speedscale and NeoLoad. Both of these tools offer you a way to load test your applications.

traffic replay

Production Data Simulation: Record in One Environm...

Have you ever experienced the problem where your code is broken in production, but everything runs correctly in your dev environment? This can be really

postman api testing

High Scale Postman Load Testing for Kubernetes

In this Postman load testing tutorial, you’ll learn how to run a large scale load test in Kubernetes using your existing Postman collections. Because HTTP

container probes

Stop Using TCP Health Checks for Kubernetes Applic...

As developers, one of the most important things we can consider when designing and building applications is the ability to know if our application is

mock apis

Considerations When You Mock APIs Inside of Kubern...

Today it’s not unusual to see organizations having implemented mocking in their daily workflow, as mock APIs allow developers to speed up their development and

kubernetes autoscaling

How to Test Autoscaling in Kubernetes

In an ideal world, you want to have precisely the capacity to manage the requests of your users, from peak periods to off-peak hours. If

cloud native testing

Video: Cloud Native Traffic Replay

With the introduction of new application platforms like Kubernetes, oftentimes the DevOps tooling around it needs to evolve.  Cloud Native technology is powerful but complex.

debug kubernetes

Top Tools to Help Debug Kubernetes Applications

When building cloud-based applications, managing the infrastructure becomes a bigger challenge as you scale. Kubernetes brings order to the chaos, letting you control and automate

jmeter vs speedscale

Speedscale vs JMeter: Kubernetes Load Testing Comp...

In this article, you’ll be introduced to two tools, Speedscale and JMeter. While they both provide the same functionality, namely the capability of load testing

multi arch kubernetes cluster

Setting up a Multi-Architecture Kubernetes Cluster

In the last post we covered the industry shift towards ARM machines for both local and production software engineering. Last time we learned how to

How to Mock APIs in Kubernetes

Mock APIs in Kubernetes are used to simulate actual API requests. This is useful for detecting issues early in development, improving application performance, speeding up

k6 vs speedscale

Kubernetes Load Testing Comparison: Speedscale vs ...

In this article, you’ll be introduced to two different load testing tools that are both able to work with Kubernetes; Speedscale and K6. Throughout this


Datadog & Speedscale: Improve Kubernetes App ...

Introduction By combining traffic replay capabilities from Speedscale with observability from Datadog, SRE Teams can deploy with confidence. It makes sense to centralize your monitoring

kubernetes load testing

Kubernetes Load Testing Comparison: Speedscale vs ...

There are lot of steps that are involved in creating an application in Kubernetes. First, you need to develop your container, get it through QA,