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Container Testing

Getting Started With Docker Compose and Speedscale...

Introduction Observability, introspection, logging, and dependency mapping are critical when building APIs. With the advent of microservice architecture, understanding what happens inside your container is

gRPC Observability and testing - Speedscale API Testing

gRPC Observability and Testing using the Speedscal...

Introduction gRPC is a remote procedure call framework that has been widely adopted among cloud native applications. It is an attractive choice for engineers needing

CLI Service Map -- Speedscale API Testing

REST API Observability for Python

Introduction In this blog post we’ll help answer the age old question, “What does this service talk to and what does it say?” We’ll see

CLI - Speedscale API Testing

Speedscale Launches CLI: Free API Observability To...

We are excited to announce the launch of Speedscale CLI, a free observability tool that inspects, detects and maps API calls on local applications or